Winning Favourites – New Review

We are starting a new trial today of a horse racing service called Winning Favourites.

The service is provided by a guy called Rob Reed who says he has been around betting most of his life and knows the importance of finding value bets. 

Rob points out that you don’t need to be backing long shots to find good value when betting. In fact over the last 10 years there have been over 88,000 clear favourites in UK racing and 35% of them have won. The return on investment of backing all of them would have been -2.69%.

Although that is a negative ROI, it is actually much better than most punters manage and you would have a far worse ROI from backing all long shots. This is something that has been extensively studied and found time and again. It is often called the favourite-longshot bias.

So in essence backing favourites puts you at a less of a disadvantage than backing outsiders and you are obtaining better value right out the gate. You still need to turn that negative ROI into a positive one however and that is what Rob appears to have done.

Since starting out in July last year he has made a profit of 33 points to advised prices and 25 points to Betfair SP.

The strike rate has been around the 50% mark whilst the ROI has been over 10%, which is very good when you consider the low odds of the selections.

The good thing about backing favourites is you don’t need a huge bank and in fact they think a 25 point bank would be okay for following the service.  

It does look like a promising service so we’ll be interested to see if they can keep the good results going during a live trial.

We started receiving tips on 6th February so will record results from then. We will update things as we go along here.

In the meantime you can check out Winning Favourites for yourself here.




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