Under Par Golf Tips – New Review

We are starting a new trial today of a golf service called Under Par Golf Tips.

The service is run from the reputable Betting Gods tipster platform and has been going since September last year.

The interesting thing about this service is that unlike most golf tipsters, it doesn’t bet in the outright market but instead focuses on the threeball and twoball markets.

The advantage of such an approach is that it means you are likely to have a much higher strike rate with shorter losing runs, which tend to be the bane of golf services.

And that is reflected in the stats, with the service having achieved a strike rate of 37% so far.

Many of the bets are combined into doubles to give a bit of a boost to results, which has worked quite well so far.

The total profit stands at +259 points to date, which works out at £2,590 profit to £10 stakes.

That has been achieved with a return on investment of 20%, which is more than respectable together with the decent strike rate.

It has shown solid consistency so far with eight of ten months having been profitable, including this month which is £290 up at the time of writing.

We are always keen on checking out services that take a slightly different approach so it’s good to see this one attacking the two- and three-ball markets and it will be interesting to see how it gets on during our trial. 

As usual we will update results here as we go along and fingers crossed for a good trial.

In the meantime you can check out Under Par Golf Tips for yourself here.




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