Sure Favs – New Review

We are starting a new review today of a betting service called Sure Favs.

Well that’s not strictly accurate in fact – it’s actually picking up from a review we did previously.

Sure Favs is an automated betting system from the Exponential Bet (or Expo Bet for short) suite of services and we previously took a look at it as part of a broader review of four of their systems.

Although as a whole the four systems didn’t make a profit over the course of our review, Sure Favs was the one service that did perform well, producing an excellent 167 points profit during our trial.

We have kept an eye on results since our trial ended and it has continued to perform well, as you can see from the results graph below from the main Sure Favs system:-

Sure Favs main graph

Sure Favs – Main Exchange & BSP (Straight)

So we thought it would be a good time to give Sure Favs another look and put it through a dedicated trial of its own here at HBR.

In a nutshell Sure Favs is an automated strategy that places bets automatically on your Betfair account using software called Cloud Bet Bot.

We have tested the software out extensively across a number of reviews now and it works very well, placing bets seamlessly on your Betfair account to your specified stakes, all without the need for a VPN or leaving your computer running all day. Impressive stuff.

As the name suggests, Sure Favs is about backing favourites, one horse per race according to given criteria identified by Expo Bet.

There are essentially three strategies that form part of the service:

  • Sure Favs Main
  • Sure Favs High
  • Sure Favs Foundation

It is recommended to use a 100 point bank for each.

For a bit more info about the service, here is Ryan from Expo Bet with a quick run-down:

So it should be an interesting review and one we are looking forward to given the solid long-term results this one has amassed.

As always we will update results here as we go along.

In the meantime you can check out Sure Favs from Exponential Bet for yourself here.




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