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One of the questions we get asked most often here at Honest Betting Reviews is “What is the most profitable betting system?”

Having reviewed hundreds of systems, it is not an easy question to answer. There are so many betting systems out there, but very few of them are actually profitable in the long term.

Others will make a profit, but get your bookie accounts shut down and therefore be of limited use.

So the key thing is to find systems that are profitable in the long run and are viable to use either with the bookies or exchanges. 

With that in mind, we have look below at the top five most profitable betting systems, starting with number five and working our way down to the number one most profitable betting system.

Before that though, a look at how to maximise your gains with these betting systems by keeping your bookie accounts open as long as possible.


How to Keep Your Bookie Accounts Open for as Long as Possible

Most of the systems we look at below involve using the bookmakers. This can present a problem for many, as we mentioned above with bookies tending to restrict people with winning accounts, or even just for activity they don’t like (e.g. arbing and matched betting).

However, there are steps you can take to keep your accounts open as long as possible and mitigate the effects of bookie restrictions.

Let’s take a look at some of the key things you can do to protect your accounts:

  • Don’t arb – the quickest way to get your account closed is if the bookies think you are arbing. It might sound like an easy way to make some extra money but you will be restricted quicker than you can say “what I only did three arbs.” The bookies hate it.
  • Don’t just do free bets & bonuses – the second quickest way to get your account closed is if the bookies think you are just doing free bets. Make sure you are sprinkling in some other bets as well – even if you are just laying them off at the exchanges.
  • Don’t follow famous tipsters – the likes of Hugh Taylor, Pricewise and Ben Coley are well known to the bookies and if they see you following these tips they are likely to restrict you more quickly.
  • Bet in round numbers – a sure sign of matched/advantage betting is wagers that use precise numbers like £25.32 or £32.43 rather than £25 or £30. This will look to the bookies like you are doing some form of advantage betting. Round your wagers up or down to make them look like regular bets.
  • Spread your bets around – if you’re placing sizeable wagers (e.g. £100+), it’s a good idea to spread them around a number of bookmakers. Placing big bets with one bookie will make you stand out, particularly if you have a few winners at decent odds.
  • Don’t go directly through an odds comparison site – bookies can track your activity so if you’re using an odds comparison site like Oddschecker they will be more likely to limit you as they see it as a sign of a shrewd punter. Don’t click directly from there to the bookie’s site.
  • Place “mug bets” – most important of all perhaps is to place some “mug bets” that throw the bookies off your scent. Bets like accumulators, backing England at football, betting on different sports, in different markets, even the occasional casino bet, will make you look like a mug punter to the bookies. You can lay some of these bets at the exchanges if you like, but either way having them on your account will make it less likely the bookies restrict you. 

If you do these things it will allow you to keep your bookie accounts for longer and benefit from the systems below for a good amount of time – if done carefully then quite a long period of time in fact.

Top 5 Most Profitable Betting Systems

Right, without further ado, on to our Top 5 Most Profitable Betting Systems, starting with number five and finishing with the most profitable system we have found.

All these systems have been tested here at Honest Betting Reviews under live trial conditions and shown to produce a profit.


5. Golf Forecast

At number five in our rankings is a golf betting system called Golf Forecast. It is based on an algorithm that uses all the Shotlink data – like strokes gained off the tee, driving accuracy, greens in regulation and so on – to compile a picture of a player’s game and their suitability to a particular course.

The algorithm then works out what the player’s odds should be and compares them to the bookies’ odds. If the odds are significantly higher than they should be, that player becomes a bet. The algorithm also uses machine learning to constantly update itself and ensure it is as accurate as possible.

We have run two separate trials of Golf Forecast, one in 2016 and the second in 2021. On both occasions it performed very well, making 172 points profit and 713 points profit respectively.

In total since starting up in 2018 it has made just shy of 1,000 points profit, which is very impressive going for an automated system like this. As with all golf betting it has its ups and downs and there have been extended losing streaks along the way. That’s par for the course really, if you’ll excuse the pun, in golf betting though.

In an effort to counter this, they developed a “diversified algorithm” which in essence means backing around 20 golfers per event rather than the usual 5 or 6. The idea of this was to smooth the curve and have less ups and downs. We followed that diversified algorithm during our second trial and it worked well, very much smoothing the curve and producing more consistent returns.

It does of course take more time to back 20 golfers per event but we imagine most punters wouldn’t mind that if it meant smoother sailing than normally comes with golf betting.

Either way though Golf Forecast has produced impressive results over an extended period and we therefore felt it was worthy of a place on this list.


4. Each Way Sniper

Each Way Sniper

Making consistent profits from betting on the horses is tough but one of the systems that has managed to do so is Each Way Sniper. It is based on the excellent value you can get from betting on each-way selections when there is a strong favourite in a race.

The original Each Way Sniper package includes software that shows you selections for upcoming races and how much you could win, together with the odds and the bookie to bet with, plus a calculator to work out your stake.

So pretty much all the work is done for you, it is just a case of placing the bets. You can generally make £5 – £10 per bet and there are normally multiple opportunities each day. 

However, monitoring the software all day waiting for a few selections to appear is not practical for many people, particularly those in full-time work so in 2020 they added the Each Way Sniper Auto Software.

This is a brilliant piece of kit that places bets automatically on your bookie accounts so you don’t even need to do anything apart from set it up, choose your settings and then let it run. We ran a trial of the auto software it and made a superb £1617 profit to £5 each-way stakes at a huge ROI of 40%.

The technology involved in this is amazing and we see automation like this very much as the future of betting.

However, there is a downside to the Each Way Sniper system, whether you are doing it manually or using the auto-software and that is the risk of bookie restrictions. They don’t tend to like these kinds of bets, particularly each way bets on outsiders in races with a strong odds-on favourite. So it is best to use it either on accounts that are already restricted or those you wouldn’t mind being restricted.

During our trial we suffered a couple of bookies restricting our accounts, but then other bookies allowed us to carry on without any problems so it can be a little hard to predict and will of course vary depending on your betting history on the account, staking and gambling profile.

It is something to be aware of though when using this system. If you are careful and take the steps outlined at the start of this article then you can mitigate bookie restrictions.

Even taking this into account, as a betting system Each Way Sniper is one of the surest ways to profit long-term and the auto-software is a superb addition to it.


3. The 20 Minute System


In a similar vein to Each-Way Sniper but in a different sport is the 20 Minute System.

It is a piece of software that automatically scans the bookmaker and Betfair markets to find value on the each-way golf markets. It was developed by the same person as the Each-Way Sniper, Mike Cruickshank, who we regard as the king of matched betting and these advantage betting systems. 

You have to put the bets on yourself and all bets are placed with the bookies. The name of the system comes from the time it should take to place the bets each week. In reality sometimes it can take a little longer than 20 minutes depending on how many selections there are, but it gives you a ballpark idea that it’s quite a simple and quick system to use.

The principles are quite similar to Each-Way Sniper in that you are exploiting the value in the place part of an each-way bet. However, in golf this value can be even higher as the bookies often offer top 8, or even top 11 for majors these days, meaning there is great value to be soaked up. The software tells you exactly where that value lies.

In our trial the system performed very well, churning out an excellent level of profit and hitting some big winners including Thirston Lawrence at 200/1 and Abraham Ancer at 45/1.

Given the simplicity of use and the potential for big winners like those, the 20 Minute System is well worthy of a place on this list.



2. Little Acorns

Little Acorns

One of the main things we look for in assessing the profitability of a betting system is its long-term results. And there are few systems that can beat Little Acorns for a long-term record of profitability. 

Since having started in 2009, the system has made over 1000 points profit, which means even betting at just £10 stakes, you would have made over £10,000 from following the system.

We understand there are people who have built up their banks though and are now wagering close to £100 stakes, so making considerably more. It is no wonder this system has won multiple awards, including our very own “Best Horse Racing Service 2020” as voted for by our members.

It is a system that takes between 10 and 20 minutes per day to find the selections and there are quite a low number of bets, with often just one bet per day and sometime none. So it lives up to its name – this is a system that you build up profits from gradually over time until you have a sizable bank – or a giant oak in their parlance.

Much as with Each-Way Sniper’s Auto Software, one of the issues some people had with Little Acorns was finding the time to work out the relevant bets each day. So they have developed “Little Acorns Gold” which is a system to find the selections automatically and then send them to you by e-mail or Telegram alert (or both if you choose).

It takes a lot of the hassle out of the original system and for those with busy lives (which seems to be everyone these days!) they can choose this option and then just place the bets on Betfair and be done with it. The selection process is the same, it’s just a time-saving device.

Whichever option is more suitable for your circumstances, Little Acorns has proved to be an amazingly profitable system for well over 10 years now and for that reason warrants a place right towards the top of this list.


1. Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser

The most profitable betting system pound for pound is undoubtedly Profit Maximiser. This is mainly because when using it, you are not risking anything, or very little, to make a profit.

Profit Maximiser is the original – and in our opinion still the best – matched betting product. What it does is take all the bookies’ free bets and bonuses and bring them together in one place, with clear instructions and training videos on how to do these offers so that you are doing them correctly.

Plus there are hundreds of other offers for casino, games and bingo to do so you can make up to £1,000 per month using these offers. We made £2,469 profit during our trial of profit Maximiser.

It does take time to learn and to do the offers, but as long as you are prepared to devote time to it, then it is well worth it.

There are some lucky people who have made massive wins from using Profit Maximiser, including wins of £205,550 and £58,839.60 just recently from casino games.

That is not typical of course and not every member is going to have wins like those. But it shows what is possible and that in addition to the regular income you can derive from using Profit Maximiser, you also have the chance of winning big.

Profit Maximiser is a fantastic betting system and still our favourite after testing hundreds of systems. The good news is that at the moment you can get a 14 day trial for just £1 here, so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about. 



There are hundreds of betting systems out there and the plain fact is that most of them are rubbish. Very few actually work and make you money in the long term. 

Thankfully though there are a few that work and which are actually profitable. We have listed our top 5 above, which are all great betting systems that have proved themselves under live trial conditions.

The main thing to bear in mind with any system is that it won’t make you rich over night, but the potential is there to make solid, steady profits from them that you can build up over time to become a decent second income. And you can use them alongside a top tipster in a well-rounded betting portfolio.




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