King of the Picks – New Review

When covid hit it affected us all in different ways. It was a tough time for everyone and for Hugh Doyle, sadly it meant he lost his job.

Having been betting on the horses for decades though and achieving good returns, he decided to turn his attention to betting full-time in November 2020.

His results since then have been quite remarkable and Hugh is probably glad he did back himself to bet on the gee-gees full time! He has now launched his tipping service to share his tips with the public and it’s called King of the Picks.

With over 200 points profit made at a 15% ROI according to his website he’s been doing very well.

The name Hugh Doyle may sound familiar – well he is actually the brother of the Bet Alchemist, Nicky Doyle. That’s a service we’ve previously reviewed and given a positive rating to. It has continued to perform well since our review ended. So Hugh comes from good betting stock anyway!

The bets are a mixture of win and each-way and are mainly focused on the weekends and big festivals. So it should be quite straightforward to follow and generally you could better liquidity on those races so prices hold up better.

So all in all looks pretty good and as a special offer Hugh is offering a FREE month’s trial to test the service out.

Anyway, we will kick things off today and hopefully Hugh can continue his form during our review and beyond. All results will be recorded here as we go along as usual.

In the meantime you can check out King of the Picks for yourself here.





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