Golf Tips Checker – New Review

We are starting a new review of something a little bit different today…

Whilst we normally look at individual tipsters and betting systems, this time we are going to be looking at a slightly different approach. 

The service we are looking at today is actually an amalgamation of tipsters.

It’s called Golf Tips Checker and it brings together golf betting tips from over 160 sources (i.e. tipsters) and finds the players that have been tipped the most across all those tipsters.  

They then publish the most popular tips in the handy form of a pie chart – which you can view on the website or on their Twitter here.

For example this was from last week from the two main events on the PGA and DP World Tours – the Tour Championship and Omega European Masters:

So you can see at a glance who the most popular players that have been tipped are (and last week they had a winner with Rory McIlroy plus some placed finished with Im, Xander and Rozner). 

It’s kind of a betting interpretation of the “wisdom of crowds” –  a novel theory popularised in this book by James Surowiecki.

Now not all the tipsters will be good of course, but the idea is that with over 160 experts and proven specialists with track records included, you should get a good deal of valuable knowledge in there.

Will it work though? Well, they have apparently had 17 winning weeks out of 20 since starting up in May. Although it’s a small sample size, it does show some promise. 

In addition to the pie charts for the most tipped players, they also have a premium option for the first round leader (FRL) and early access to the most tipped players from £2.50 per month + VAT. 

So will be interesting to see how this one gets on. As we say, it’s something different and a bit of fun in one sense but also looks like it could be quite effective on the other hand. 

As usual we will update results here as we go along so you can see how the amalgamated tips are getting on. 

In the meantime you can check out Golf Tips Checker for yourself here.




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