BSP Racing Tipster – New Review

We are starting a new trial of a racing service called the BSP Racing Tipster. 

As you may have guessed from the name, this is a service that tips solely at Betfair SP. That means no worrying about whether you will obtain the advised prices or having bookie accounts restricted etc. 

We often refer to it as the “holy grail” of betting to find a tipster that is profitable at BSP. There are a few of them out there thankfully (see our list of top horse racing tipsters here for examples), but very few that are actually built around tipping at BSP.

That is where this tipster comes in and their record to date looks very promising. They have been proofing to Betting Gods for over a year, which is an extensive proofing period, and the total profit made to date stands at just under 200 points

The return on investment has been excellent at over 33% whilst the strike rate is pretty good too, also at 33%

Most of the bets are in the win market but there are a few in the place market as well. 

Out of 14 months so far, 13 have been profitable which is very impressive consistency. 

There is currently an offer to get the first month for just 99p, but we understand it is due to close very soon. 

In any event, we are looking forward to getting this trial underway as it is rare to find an opportunity like this of a tipster that is based around tipping at BSP.

As ever results will be updated here as we go along so you can see how they are getting on. 

In the meantime you can check out the BSP Racing Tipster for yourself here. 




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